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Wed love the chance to tell you more about this exciting initiative so were attending several community events this fall to chat with as many people as we can.. If you are hosting a meeting or event and would like us to attend so you can join the Intelligent YQL movement, contact!
The community of Sunridge utilizes solar power in its park to increase sustainability.

What Is An Intelligent Community

Didyou know that Lethbridge is among 145 communities around the world who have been recognized by the Intelligent Community Forum?

Intelligent Communities are places that have recognized the opportunities and challenges created by Information Technologies and have taken conscious steps to create an economy capable of prospering in the 21st century. The Intelligent Community model is based on six pillars that provide framework for collective discussion, understanding and action around community-driven priorities that are enabled through broadband capacity and technology.

Ealier this year we finalized a strategy that was developed based on the feedback from 100+ community members, 20 telephone interviews and 22 steering committee members who have dedicated over 500 hours to this process. A few key milestones include launching of an Open Data Portal, supporting the 3 Day Startup Coming October 2016, and conducting a brand reserach survey (Open until October 15, 2016), to gain a better understanding of the experience of living in this city. 

We're already a pretty intelligent community. Here's what the community has highlighted so far.

So many things! We are a small city boasting two post-secondary institutions and a number of training schools as well as the amazingly forward thinking tecconnect project!
- Sherri
Smart People
The well-roundedness gives this city a positive vibration that begets creativity and sparks intelligent planning and design.
- Sherri
There seems to be progress in the amount of acceptance in the variety of people and lifestyles within the city. People are becoming less focused on lables/stereotypes.
- Lillian
Solar powered compacting garbage bins in Sunridge Park